Big News: Urban Masterclass Is Rebranding To HEATE!

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Introducing ‘HEATE’ — The Definitive Knowledge Hub for Music Producers

We are thrilled to announce that Urban Masterclass is changing its name to HEATE — and we’ve big plans to position ourselves as an authoritative voice for the music industry.

In response to recent company growth, with our community of producers blossoming just as quickly alongside us, it inspired us to undertake an extensive rebranding initiative. Along with a change in company name and logo (effective final quarter of 2021), we’ve expanded our team and we will soon introduce new features and services to empower music producers.

Since launching Urban Masterclass in January 2017, over 2,000 producers have signed up for our courses, with more than 318,000 users visiting our blog to learn how to market their music. 

Our achievements in helping educate producers have seen us featured by companies as diverse as the BBC, Native Instruments, Airbit, Output, CNBC, Sellfy, EDM Prod, and more.

CEO and Co-Founder Robin Wesley on the rebrand: “Our goal was always to motivate and inspire a new generation of producers; little did we know how much such an educational resource was needed for this growing sector of the music industry. Our next step will be to go far beyond what’s offered by our Urban Masterclass, offering even more value to users.”

Alongside the rebranding, we are also excited to announce that we are launching a weekly newsletter for music producers, delivered free to our email subscribers on a weekly basis. 

CMO and Co-Founder Chris Jayden: “Producing educational content that resonates with our community has always been our strong suit. However, this niche of the music industry is also one that is swiftly evolving. There is a lot of confusing noise to sift through, as well as strong demand for accurate information. Our new HEATE newsletter will zero in on the most important and relevant content, with the emphasis always on quality instead of click-bait.”   

Beyond our rebrand, we have some other exciting news to share.

We have acquired Sounddesine CEO’s YouTube Channel

Together with hiring Ryan as Head Of Content, we’ve also acquired his YouTube Channel — which will soon be rebranded to HEATE.

This channel will be used to publish series of educational, motivational, and inspirational videos highlighting the producer business lifestyle. Launch Date: 21st of May — Click here to subscribe

More details on HEATE will be released soon.